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AUDI S3 Wiper Blades 8L Hatchback 1999-2004 Twin Pack 2119A-15A

AUDI S3 Wiper Blades 8L Hatchback 1999-2004 Twin Pack 2119A-15A

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AUDI S3 Wiper Blades | AUDI Wiper Blade

Model S38L Hatchback
Year 1999-2004
Driver  21" (525 mm)
Passenger 19" (475 mm)
Wiper Arm J Hook/U Hook
Fitment A
Package Inclusion 21" (525 mm) + 19" (475 mm)
Rear Wiper 15" (375 mm) - optional
Rear Wiper Adaptor A
Code 2119A-15A

What’s included in your AUDI S3 wiper blade package?

wiper blade package inclusion

How to install wiper blade to AUDI wiper arm?

AUDI Front Wiper Blades | AUDI Wipers

Compatible Wiper Types for AUDI S3 8L Rear Wiper 

Adwipers Slimline Rear Wiper Blade Adwipers Plastic Frame Rear Wipers Adwipers Frameless Rear Wiper Blade Adwipers Metal Frame Wipers  
AUDI Rear Wiper Blades | AUDI Wipers
AUDI Rear Wiper Blades | AUDI Wipers
AUDI Rear Wiper Blades | AUDI Wipers
AUDI Rear Wiper Blades | AUDI Wipers

Why Aerodynamic Design for AUDI S3 Wiper Blades?

The Aerodynamic windscreen wipers always work efficiently and quietly, providing clearer driving vision. It is designed for all driving speeds, and performs exceptionally well at high speeds. ADWIPERS Aerodynamic Wiper Blades Air passes through the aerodynamic spoiler of the wiper, which produces extra downforce on the blade without the aid of any add-on parts by catching more airflow. This prevents wipers from shaking and vibrating at high-speed driving. The wipers wear down at a slower rate, reducing maintenance costs. They are also designed for dry-weather use, such as for cleaning the windscreen.

Frameless Wipers vs Conventional Wiper?

ADWipers replacement wiper blades are frameless. Unlike conventional wiper blades, there is a built-in curve memory steel plate to distribute force evenly along the whole blade. While conventional wipers use the framework to distribute downforce. Thus, force is evenly applied, affecting the efficiency of wipes. traditional-wiper-vs-frameless-wiper  

Why should choose ADWipers for your AUDI S3 wiper blade?

ADWipers replacement wiper blades adopt German wiper tech, Aerodynamic frameless/boneless design in wiper blade manufacturing. Safe driving vision is assured.
  • We have a physical shop to buy and fit AUDI wiper blades, not a virtual online store
  • Compatible with AUDI S3 OEM fitment of your car wiper arms, better and modern looking.
  • Easy to fit, save money and time to visit auto mechanics
  • A better option than wiper blade refills. All you need to do is to remove the existing wipers from the wiper arm, then install our wipers according to our provided easy installation instruction illustration.
  • Every set of wipers comes with Glass Cleaner tablets to make 8 litres of glass cleaner solution for your windscreen. Rubber blades are well protected with a protection sleeve (remove before use)
  • Easy to purchase online, various payment methods including WizPay, Bank Transfer credit card payment via Paypal and Stripe
  • Fast shipping, orders will be processed in 0-1 business day and fast dispatching.
  • Best customer service you ever experienced. We respond to all email inquiries within one business day, some would be responded to within an hour.
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AUDI Wiper Blades Replacement

Quieter, Clearer, Last Longer, Look Better

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